Eye Exam

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eye exam

Vision. Holding on to the pride that I have for my 20/20 vision which I knew didn’t really exist anymore, I put off getting an eye exam for as long as I possibly could. With coaxing from my husband whose prescription glasses render me legally blind, I made an appointment. My eyes are fine, but getting things checked out is what we do. Right? But at 40, I like being one of the only people my age without glasses or contacts. Although, a pair of cute glasses that I can take or leave might not be so bad.

After sitting behind the eye contraption, reading through the alphabet a few times, and getting my pupils wide open, I left somewhat satisfied that I have great eyesight for my age. I can read and see things at a regular distance perfectly. My issue lies in my vision at a distance. One of my eyes is a little weak and relies on the other to see clearly. This could cause my eyes to get tired. For driving long distances, I picked out a cute little pair of glasses that I can take or leave.

When I get tired of finding my path, I rely on You to strengthen my vision. I take You and never leave You. Shalom.


3 thoughts on “Eye Exam

    1. I read your Vision entry. Your writing creates strong visuals and feelings with a gentle voice. I started reading your Twilight essay. I will definitely get back to finish it. I am glad that you posted it. Although the popularity of Twilight has fizzled a little, the issues addressed in your essay will be relevant until the end of time as we know it. Question: Did you study Literary Theory in grad school?

      1. Masters in Lit- a very useful degree 😍
        Thanks for the feedback/compliment and for reading the Twilight essay. I too think issues are still pertinent and wish I hadn’t missed my chance when it would have been a hotter issue.

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